Data Analysis Example

A Collaborative Auction Backend

I was tasked with the organization of a fundraising auction for the RIT School of Photographic Arts & Sciences in 2012.

I created a spreadsheet that tracked the inventory as well as the participants of the event. With little improvements each year, it's now five years later and it's still being used to keep the auction running smoothly.

The document is used live during the auction to record winning bid numbers and prices. The data could then be accessed through lookup code on another sheet when winners wanted to claim their prizes.

If you'd like to use this software for your non-profit's auction feel free to reach out at If you have different needs than the existing software allows, I'd be happy to discuss improvements!

Multiple Users

Multiple users logged on at the same time.

Since this is ultimately just a Google spreadsheet, many users can log-in and work from the software at the same time. Multiple sign-up stations, inventory lookup, results recording, and checkout can all be done from different accounts at the same time.

A hideaway chat window makes it easy to communicate with team members during the event.

Participant Registration

The auction uses a Google Form to automatically record entries for auction participants. The registrant is assigned a paddle number which is then used to track their winnings.

Inventory Management

Items can be added as needed with bundle information and notes, along with the donor and related info.

Each item can be toggled "on" or "off" to be included in the auction or not. This makes it easy to include extra items for bundles that may not get their own slot. It also improves the accuracy of the statistics calculated live during the auction.

Live Results

Results are recorded on a page separate from the inventory so as to filter out items that are disabled. Notes can be added alongside the winning paddle and price in case the auctioneer includes any last minute surprises.


Checkout pages can be duplicated as many times as needed to avoid long wait times.

Each page can be used to look up a customer based on paddle number. It will display all of the customer's information along with their purchases and the total amount they owe.