Professional Portfolio

Technical Writing ×

I took a few technical writing courses at RIT and have been honing those skills at each of the positions I've held since. Early on in my time at Fujifilm I created a standard documentation template for reference manuals released both internally and to our customers. That template has been adopted by our service group for all new documentation.

I enjoy working in InDesign and working with others to learn their processes before committing them to paper. While I can't show any full documentation, take a look at a few samples:

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UI / UX Review ×

Working in technical support on a small team comes with some perks not typically found in typical support roles. I've had the benefit of working very closely with developers and product managers to develop user interfaces for new features and tools, and to even redesign existing interfaces to improve feature discoverability and user flow.

Unfortunately I don't have the rights to display any of that work so you'll just have to take my word for it! I've created webpage mockups and software interface proposals, learning best practices along the way. With help from my team and feedback directly from our customers we've been able to iterate and improve our front-end functionality.

Photography ×

Photography has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. My grandfather inspired me from a young age to shoot and he taught me that after a full day of shooting, even just one good shot makes the day a success.

I studied imaging and photographic technology at RIT. I learned to use a camera as a scientific tool. My professors also taught me the art of photography, married together with the science–that's the beauty of RIT's technical degrees in my opinion, blending two worlds that are so often divided.

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Video Production ×

A natural progression to my photographic passion, I also enjoy shooting and producing videos. It began as a creative outlet, just messing around with digital cameras and Windows Movie Maker but became useful later on, even at work where I helped produce technical training and demonstration videos and marketing videos.

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Graphic Design ×

Keeping with the theme of the digital arts, I taught myself Illustrator and InDesign so that I could create logos, posters, brochures, and more. I started with my own logo and advertising for my photography business selling photos to the parents on my brothers' baseball teams but grew that into freelance work after a while.

These days I still put these skills to use in my professional life all the time, designing certification emblems, stickers & magnets, and banner ads.

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Data Analysis ×

Believe it or not, my family would love to tell you about my obsession with spreadsheets. I have sheets to track my Diner's Drive-Ins, and Dive's visits, to track my gas mileage, to track my net worth, and a few more.

I indulge my spreadsheet habit at work too, maintaining a customer license database for our software with a dashboard showing all the statistics you could want. In college, I built a live auction backend using Google Sheets to allow for faster item pickup and checkout. That sheet, even all these years after I graduated is still in use for the annual holiday auction!

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Personal Projects

Camera Collection ×

My grandfather started has held on to many cameras from his childhood and even earlier. I always enjoyed looking at them and learning about them, and now I'm grateful that I can care for them. Over the years I've amassed a pretty large collection of cameras from the 1900s up to modern digital. All of them are catalogued here.

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Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives ×

I make it a point to stop at a restaurant that has been graced by Guy's presence any time I'm traveling. It's a fun way to experience new places.

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Hi! I'm Ben

My primary goal in life is to make sure I'm always learning and growing. I apply that mentality to all aspects of my life, whether it's my knowledge and abilities at work or my photography or just leveling up in the latest game. I love learning and experiencing new things, and I have a special place in my heart for organized data.

I'm an imaging technologist with experience in print media, color management, technical photography, and audiovisual engineering so I've got a wide array of abilities. I look forward to learning something new every single day.

My Career

Currently I work for Fujifilm Graphic Systems with the ColorPath team. I support the development and the use of color management solutions for our print customers across the globe. That includes product testing, customer support, and feature design.

I also work to identify and develop new solutions for new and existing applications in the broader Fujifilm Graphics ecosystem. That means bringing added value to existing products and qualifying the value of new ones.